General purpose oil is designed to lubricate all types of metal and chrome parts used in light mechanisms. It is used for hinges, locks, valves, bolts, nuts and parts of devices such as saws, machines, mowers, bicycles and trolleys. It is applicable for temporary corrosion protection of workshop and garden tools, small electric motors and injection pumps with particular focus on their moving parts.



Silicone oil is used for maintenance and assembly of moving parts. It is ideally suited for maintenance of bearings, transmissions, armoured cables, locks, sleeves, hinges and bolts, as well as rubber gaskets, shock absorbers and plastic parts. It makes easier assembly works that involve pulling through wires and cables or removing moulds in plastics processing. Useful for fishing equipment and in model-making, it also provides effective protection for electrical cables.



Lubricant with PTFE is designed to lubricate surfaces that are constantly in motion, operate in high dustiness conditions and are exposed to fat. It is applied to mechanisms in the electromechanical, textile, furniture and paper industries. Suitable for sanitary appliances – valves, gaskets, taps and joints. It is well suited for maintenance of tour and sports equipment – rollerblades, bicycles, training machines, as well as in the automotive industry for cables, hinges, locks and sleeves. Lubricant with PTFE can be used for lubricating parts that are subjected to impacts and vibrations – gears, timing belts, chains and bearings.



The product is intended for the lubrication of roller and slide bearings as well as device parts operating at high temperatures (up to 200°C), including those that are exposed to high loads. It is ideal for the regular conservation of guide bars, chains, hinges, etc. It is highly resistant to the effects of water and water vapour.



The remover is intended for removing strong contaminants, including oil stains, from unvarnished, metal surfaces (engines, tools). It is suitable for cleaning drivetrain components (gears, sprockets, chains) as well as other fine mechanisms by removing contaminants, oily residue, dust and grit. It is perfect for regular maintenance of machines in a production hall or in an auto repair shop.


NANOOIL SP.J. is a 100% Polish company that develops, manufactures and sales innovative products - technical lubricants and oils. Our goal is to improve the quality of life by providing a rich, useful and cost-effective assortment of products for everyday use.

Our NANOOIL products are based on state-of-the-art technology, and thanks to this, they successfully compete with well-known brands.

Our products are designed for both industrial and individual clients – for use where tools and devices are subject to damage and wear and tear.

NANOOIL products are useful in everyday applications both at home and at work – thanks to their properties, they are perfect for all types of maintenance and assembly works, DIY, sports, horticulture and production. They not only facilitate repairs, but also prevent them – the products protect the mechanisms and significantly prolong their service life.



Innovative composition

NANOOIL brand is based on an innovative concept combining, in the right proportions, specially selected ingredients - chemicals with preservative and maintenance properties. The modernity of the brand consists in selection of composition that allows to obtain products of unique usability and extraordinary simplicity of use.

Thanks to the applied technology, NANOOIL oils and greases fill all the gaps and irregularities of the surface, creating a sealed coating that is impermeable to outside factors such as dirt, moisture or UV rays.

Ergonomic and functional applicator

NANOOIL products are distinguished by ergonomic applicator for seamless and effective application of the products on protected surfaces.

NANOOIL applicator is equipped with a 360-degree function that ensures smooth operation in any position.It is particularly important where the container needs to be inverted - in inaccessible places, inside the machines, etc.

NANOOIL applicator is safe and functional. It is equipped with a cap that, thanks to its special construction, limits the possibility of accidental or unintentional pressing.

Our applicator allows not only precise application but also protects the products from uncontrolled leakage, condensation or weathering. Thanks to this solution, NANOOIL products retain their properties for a long time.

Nanooil products are equipped with a modern applicator which can be used in two different ways:

Wide jet: Quickly covers large surfaces
Precise jet: Easily reaches hard-to-reach areas

Works in any position (360 degrees)